Abnormal Psychology

Within Abnormal Psychology, we’ll first focus on the following learning outcomes:

To address some of the learning outcomes above, we’ll engage in the following learning activity (among others of course!): 

What is Weird: What is weird

  • Jahoda’s Health Model is a theoretical approach to understanding what is mental wellness: HERE

Application of your understanding of “concepts of abnormality”: Concepts of Abnormality

Psychological Disorders is a sub-unit of Abnormal Psych and has the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss the interaction of biological, cognitive and sociocultural factors in abnormal behavior
  • Describe symptoms and prevalence of at least one disorder 
  • Analyze etiologies (in terms of biological, cognitive, and sociocultural factors) of at least one disorder

    To address the above learning outcome, we’ll engage in the following debate! Download the two resources below

Implementing Treatment is another sub-unit of Abnormal Psych and has the following Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss the use of eclectic approaches to treatment
  • Discuss the relationship between etiology and therapeutic approach in relation to one disorder.

Abnormal Study Guide to Studies: 


Below, is our class google doc that we’ll use to cooperatively collate all our innovative and  current  research satisfying the learning outcomes of the Abnormal Unit!!!!!!


Copy and paste the above into your browser if it’s not hyperlinked!!

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