Art & Literature

“Kill for Peace” a artist’s response to the Vietnam war; 1967

Art is a crucial component of culture and culture is a crucial driver of behavior and cognition. Thus, a key question worthy of investigation is: To What extent does life imitate art? Or conversely, does art imitate life? What is the role of art in: Social Change, Protest and Equality?

Art& Literature

  1. What role does art and literature play in societal and cultural change? 
  2. In what ways are artistic movements linked to historical events and vice/ versa? 
  3. How can historians use art to inform understanding? 
  4. To what extent is art a faithful source of historical knowledge? 
  5. What is the role of art and literature in change movements?

WW2 Book List

Schindler’s List

All the Light We Cannot See

Man’s Search for Meaning

Thin Red line

Naked and the Dead

The Investigation


The Book Thief

The Zookeeper’s Wife

All but my Life: A Memoir

Hiroshima John Hershey

The Second World War- John Keegan

A diary of a young girl

The Hiding Place


The Winged Watchman

Number the Stars- Lois Lowry


Slaughterhouse Five

Empire of the Sun

Unbroken — Good

Irena’s Children

Stalingrad- Antony Beevor

War of the Rats – Also Stalingrad

Code Girls


Flags of our Fathers

Helmet for my Pillow

Eye of the Needle- Ken Follet

Spies of the Balkans