Is equality desirable? 

What does equality look like? 

How do concepts of equality change over time? 

What factors in society create resistance to equality?

Is equality a function of economics, culture or policy?

Some Key historical Movements / Events we’ll examine during this unit are

  • Reconstruction 
    • The black codes
    • Civil rights act of 1875
      • Court cases that rendered it useless
    • KuKluxKlan and fear as societal change
    • 14th amendment to the constitution
    • 15th amendment to the constitution 
    • Andrew Johnson – his horrible presidency; the reversal of “40 acres and a mule” and the end of reconstruction with the …. 
    • Election of 1876; Rutherford B. Hayes and the Republicans selling out the african americans
  • Socialist Movements in the united states
  • Suffrage movements in the united states (women’s / civil rights)
  • Communism, communist movements and the cold war


Economics of the Civil War: Resource linked here