The following Essential Questions will be the focus of our investigation into Oppression. This thematic unit will recall historical events from reconstruction, the American Revolution, industrial revolution, Cold War as well as introduce new historical events focused around World War 2.

Is culture or government the main oppressor in society? 

Are economic factors the leading cause of oppression? 

What does it mean to be oppressed? 

What is the role of government in oppression? 

What methods do governments use to oppress its citizens?

How can history inform us about issues of oppression?

To what extent should governments take steps to remedy or repair past oppression?

Is oppression of the few for the benefit of the many justified?


Understanding Weimar Germany and effects of the Treaty of Versailles

A guide to Weimar Germany



Practice Linking Evidence To Claims + Understanding Hitler’s Rise to Power in class assessment

Understanding the Reichstag Fire

Understanding 1930s German Oppression

Economics and Oppression : Understanding Command Socialism and Capitalism

The Truman Doctrine and the Creation of Cold War foreign Policy +

Using a primary source to Construct Conceptual Understanding: Understanding Domino Theory (Eisenhower Interview Transcript).

Timeline of the Vietnam War Scramble Assignment

President Johnson on why we’re in Vietnam (1965): Another Primary Source Analysis

President Eisenhower 1954 Letter to Diem

Vietnam OPVL Experience 

-For use with Documents: 

The My Lai Massacre

Vietnam Question Formulation Padlet