Effective Treatments for Addictive Behavior

Addiction has biological, psychological and social origins.  Like all aspects of psychology, it’s crucial to understand etiology in order to design a proper treatment approach. 

Read the following research regarding treatment approaches to addiction and complete the linked assignment below. 

Changing Addictive Behaviors: A Process Perspective

Carlo C. DiClemente
Current Directions in Psychological Science
Vol. 2, No. 4


“That Feeling of Not Feeling”: Numbing the Pain for Substance-Dependent African American Women

Joanne T. Ehrmin


Affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous after treatment: A study of its therapeutic effects and mechanisms of action.

By Morgenstern, Jon; Labouvie, Erich; McCrady, Barbara S.; Kahler, Christopher W.; Frey, Ronni M.


Treatment Assignment: 

 Treatment addiction

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