How Does Emotion Affect Cognition?


Flash Bulb Memories:

One of the effects of emotion on cognition that we’ll study is the phenomena of “Flash Bulb Memories” The idea was first put forth by Brown and Kulik in 1977.  

Download the PDF below to better understand Flash Bulb Memories and research into them. I’ve highlighted key areas of interest as well as written a note or two about some critical thinking ideas to ponder!

FlashBulb Memory Explained

Oh! That’s Interesting!


So.  You’re smart kids right?! RIGHT.  As smart kids, you of course LOVE reading interesting articles, thinking about them, and then sharing your new found thoughts, understandings and wonderings with your friends!



So, check out the thought provoking pieces below and choose 1 to read.  After you’ve done so, get in a group with some of your friends and have a quick chat about the thoughts the piece provoked. They’ll read a different piece and the 3 of you will have a lively idea based intellectual discussion prompted by 3 different articles!  Enjoy!


How the Language you speak affects your cognition:

How could you like THAT book?!

Is Love an Emotion?

There is No Such Thing as You:

The Science of the “Happy Cry”


What to do about ISIS?


ISIS is horrible. Evil. Terrible and Destructive. 

But no one debates this fact. What they do debate is what to do about it?  Will putting troops on the ground and initiating a massive offensive against the group and the land they hold be akin to attacking hitler after his annexation of Austria? Or, will the result be more similar to the Iraq war–creating a power vacuum that makes matters worse? 

The article below by Graham Wood of the Atlantic in incredibly thorough and comprehensive. If you’re curious about who ISIS is, what they want and what to do about them, read this article:

Understanding Socio Cultural Impacts on Cognition

Download the Learning Helper below and use the articles linked below to facilitate your understanding of the ways in which culture can affect our cognition:


University of Michigan research on the perceptual differences of Americans and Japanese:

Research on how language can affect cognition:

Research on how Language affects cognition, but in a contextual sense..great comparison to Nesbitt studies:

Laymen’s Explanation (abstract above):

Thinking in a foreign Language helps economic decision making!!

Cross Cultural Analysis of Happiness!! YAY!


Industrialism and the Intellectual reaction: Understanding the Labor Movement

We’ve been discussing in class the intellectual reaction to the industrial revolution.  As thinkers, you know that every major historical event can be viewed via multiple perspectives, and depending on the perspective through which you view the event, your interpretation of that event/phenomena will vary. The industrial revolution is no different.

We’ve investigated the pros of the industrial revolution, but now we’ll begin to examine our Industrial Revolution guiding question, “To what extent was Industrialization feudalism in new clothes?” via primary source analysis.

Once assigned to your group, use the documents in the PDF below and the Document analysis guide passed out to you in class to further you acquisition of context and information pertaining to the above:

Labor Primary Docs1

Labor Primary Docs2

Labor PrimaryDocs3

Would you Erase a Memory?

Opening the Door to Editing Memories:  New research at the BLOA may one day give us the option! Read the excellent article below that contains within it excellent research and background information regarding the role of biological processes in memory formation (interaction between physiology and a cognitive process).

The Ethics of Erasing Bad Memories from the Atlantic:

Read the above articles and consider the following:

  1. The ethical implications
  2. The “real world” application of research you’re familiar with
  3. Other implications not addressed?
  4. Would you have a bad memory erased if you could?!

By reading about the cutting edge of memory research and contemplating it in the above three ways, you’re augmenting your critical thinking! A skill you all need improvement on 😉