Becoming a Better Writer: Utilizing assessment as learning


The only way to become a better writer is to write more. But just like there is intelligent athletic training, there is intelligent writing training. Just as an athlete would focus on their areas of weakness, so too must writers.


Your Task:

  • Open a word document
  • Title it, “Becoming a better Writer: (Enter Course Name Here: Exam)”
  • Retype the section of your essay that had a comment of error or improvement.
    • Bold the above.
    • Below the bolded retyped section, I want you to RETYPE the section CORRECTLY. Or in a better way than it was originally transposed. If there are no errors of form, but rather errors of content, then simply correct the content.
  • Continue this process until you’ve corrected all sections with comments stating a need for improvement/correction

Word Document linked here: becoming-a-better-writer

The Depressed Person


David Foster Wallace is considered one of the greatest American Short story writers.  His life, and art, was tragically cut short due to his own suicide.

Below, is a link to one of his short stories, “The Depressed Person”  It originally appeared in Harper’s but is also included in his excellent collection, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Read it below and reflect on all you’ve learned about mental illness in general, and depression in particular.  We’ll discuss:


Does History Matter?

This question may seem rhetorical, but it’s not. Seriously, why does history matter?


If you’re paying attention, you’ve seen that people can’t seem to make up their minds…the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, dismissed his gross statements about sexual assaulting women as “11 years ago” in an attempt to render them non existent by time.


The director of the recently released, “Birth of a Nation” Nate Parker, has made a film that he claims is necessary to bring the horrid truth of slavery to the forefront of our current american culture because the past matters. Yet he dismisses his own Rape trial as irrelevant because it was “17 years ago” See slate article below:

So which is it? Does history matter or not?