This is our home page for depression. Below will be linked all the major documents for this unit of study however be sure to check the “IB Psych Posts” page for the latest news and activities!!

Learning Outcome: Describe symptoms and prevalence of one disorder from two of the following groups: anxiety disorders, affective disorders, eating disorders

Symptom Description of Major Depressive Disorder from the DSM-V: Depression-Diagnostic-Criteria-and-Severity-Rating
Information on Prevalence from the National Institute of Mental Health: NIMH

Learning Outcome: Explain cultural and gender variations in disorders.

The issue with Etiology

Read the NYtimes well blog post below discussing the difficulty in treating depression lies in our lack of a comprehensive understanding of its etiology:

Intro Activity to Depression–Designed to facilitate your understand of depression and its etiology:


Mark TITUS on Depression:

Links Re: Alternative Treatments to Depression…Prozac is out, sleep therapy is in!

How Prozac become so popular and a commentary on its overuse/prescription:

Effectiveness of depression treatments:

Below is an excellent primer (stated by world’s foremost experts) on depression including Etiology, Symptoms, and Treatment:

 Treatment Review:

Treatment Review Depression

Study Guide to Studies Linked Below!:

A Study Guide to Studies

ABNORMAL Specific STUDY GUIDE TO STUDIES: abnormal-psychology-study-guide-to-studies

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