Health Psychology

The major aim of Health Psychology is to investigate behaviors and habits of mind that lead to a HEALTHIER lifestyle!  Sounds great right!  It is!

“The Way you think and the way you act can transform your experience of stress” –Kelly McGonigal (Stanford)

This unit has 4 sub units with unique learning outcomes: 

Unit Google Doc: Study Guide to Studies

PDF of the Health Psych chapter from the Pearson Text: Health Psych Pearson Text

Unit 1:  What is Health Psychology?

  1. Discuss to what extent biological, cognitive and sociocultural factors influence health related behavior
  2. Evaluate psychological research relevant to health psychology

Unit 2:  Stress

  1. Describe Stressors
  2. Discuss physiological, psychological and social aspects of stress
  3. Evaluate strategies for coping with stress

Unit 3:  Substance Abuse and Addictive Behavior

  1. Explain Factors related to the development of substance abuse or addictive behavior
  2. Examine prevention strategies and treatments for substance abuse and addictive behavior

Unit 4: Obesity

  1. Discuss factors related to overeating and the development of obesity
  2. Discuss prevention strategies and treatments for overeating and obesity

Unit 5:  Health Promotion

  1. Examine models and theories of health promotion
  2. Discuss the effectiveness of health promotion strategies


Complete the Learning Activity below as our introduction to Stress: 

Stress Response- Intro to health Psych

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