A key question from the TOK perspective in regard to history is, “what is truth?” and “to what extent can history be taken as truth?”

History is an overlooked Area of Knowledge in regard to its importance. It is no coincidence that within all the dystopian novels or works of film history has been altered; for history is truth and truth is knowledge and knowledge is control. 

JOURNAL ENTRY for History Unit: 

What is Truth? Is truth Possible? And lastly, Why does it matter if something is true or not?

Below is a Keynote Presentation Intro’ing the History Unit and summarizing the main issues contained within:


Below is an activity corresponding to the KEYNOTE above:


Below the questions below are a collection of HISTORY readings to get our conversations started! Some important questions to consider while reading and as we move through this unit:

  1. Is truth in history possible? 
  2. What role does history play in the construction of one’s identity? 
  3. Should descendants of Evil Doers atone for the sins of their forefathers? Or are they absolved of all guilt?
  4. What tools do historians use to make their work as “scientific” as possible?
  5. Does it demean the word “scientist” to use it in referencing a historian?
  6.  What is the purpose of historical study?


 Great article on Reparations by Ta Nahesi Coates of the Atlantic: The case for reparations


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