IB Psych Year 1

Welcome to IB Psych!!


 Welcome to IB Psych!  Where our goal will be to continually blow your mind!  Or at the very least, make you do this a few times: 

This course will make you psych experts by the time you’re done!  What does that mean? It means you’ll have a much greater understanding of human behavior and of the human condition. This will allow you greater insight into all realms of study and human existence. It truly is the most valuable course you could take because it’s all about you–and us.

Course Syllabus: IB Psychology Syllabus NEW VERSION

Understanding the 3 Levels of Analysis: Biological, Cognitive and Social Psychology investigated!!!!

It’s also important to understand that Psychology is a SCIENCE!  The following PDF provides information on Psychology as a SCIENCE and explains the different research methods used!  Great Resource!

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