IB Psych Year 2



This year in IB psychology, we’ll be reviewing our previous learnings from the three levels of analysis as well as studying Abnormal and Healthy Psychology. Both of these branches of psychology focus on well-being and maximizing happiness!

For our HL students in the group, we’ll also examine the skills and knowledge necessary to score well on paper 3.

Paper 2 IB Exam Curve we will use based on May 2016/17 grade boundaries:

7= 16-22 = 93 -100 = A

6= 13-15=88-92 = B+ / A-

5= 10-12 = 82-88 = B

4= 7-9 = 74-81 = C / B-

Link to Haiku/PowerLearning site: https://ais.learning.powerschool.com/do/share/eclass/8151732?k=87cf7e87953a304f2349588cfa2391f6fa2bc9c1

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