Protest Movements

Protests are a key method of citizen expression and governmental change however they are not always allowed by governments and they are not always effective at enacting the change they desire. Your investigations will focus on the following guiding questions:

How do we fight for our rights? 

When is protest justified? How do we identify Injustice in the world?

What factors contribute to protests becoming revolutions?

How do we know when a revolution is justified?

How do we know what the best way to govern is?

What freedoms are necessary for voices to be heard?

What makes a protest effective? Are protests effective?

What are examples of successful protests in us history?

What role do non-profit organizations play in sustaining and promoting protest movements?

You should all MAKE A COPY of the PROTEST THEME document linked HERE

Protest Resources (Will grow as we do!):

The Stamp Act Protest (1765)

The Stamp Act Protests (

Who were the ‘Sons of Liberty’? (

Learning Helper: Understanding the Boston Massacre: Government Response to Protest

7 Events that Led to the American Revolution + Corresponding Learning Helper (chart to fill out) HERE

Why Protest Movements are ‘Civil’ Only in Retrospect (NYTIMES)

Understanding Protest Movements Assignment

Understanding Protest Movements Assignment RUBRIC

ASSIGNMENT: From Protest to Revolution: An analysis of factors contributing to revolutions

Intro to Independence:

US Declaration of Independence + accompanying learning helper, “Understanding D.O.I”

The United States Bill of Rights — How does the bill of rights protect protest?

First Amendment and Free Speech: Understanding the relationship between the courts, constitution and protest