Research Methods

Stanford Prison Experiment. Zimbardo. Illustrated, “the power of the situation”

Here is where you’ll find all our major documents related to research methods (chapter 2 in Myers).  Key understandings include:

  • Types of research methods
  • Pros and cons of research methods
  • Ethics in research
  • Correlation vs causation
  • Measures of central tendency
  • Standard deviation.
  • Independent vs. dependent variables and how to set up an experiment

 Below, you’ll find documents to help you understand concepts regarding research methods in psychology: 

Correlation vs. Causation: 

Correlation WS

Independent/dependent variables and control: 

Simpsons Experiment Practice      Independent : Dependent Variable LH  

Experimental Design Practice: Design your own experiment! 

Designing A Psych Study

Review of Major Concepts: 

Reserach methods Cribsheet

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