Opening Activity for Semester 2 Linked here: Unit Presentations

Helpful Test Taking Documents to be utilized all year!! (under construction)

Study GUIDE: All the Paper 1 Learning outcomes: Fill this OUT ! It’s your psych BIBLE! 

Social Psych Review Guide Created by Anna Kamian HERE; and HERE.  THANKS ANNA!!!

Practice Grading a Paper 2 Question HERE

Social Psych Quiz HERE

Link to a PDF of the Health Psych chapter from the Pearson Text: Health Psych Pearson Text

Guidance From the IB in regard to how to do well on the exam:

IB’s Evaluation of the May 2016 Psych Exam

Exemplary Essays

Link to Study Guide to Studies:

A Study Guide to Studies

Midterm Review Sheet for 17/18:  IB Psych Final Exam Review

Paper 2 Sample Papers: Paper 2 Psych ExamPaper 2 example B

Essay Writing Documents and Learning Helpers: 

Becoming a Better Writer

Critical Thinking in IB Psychology

ALL of the learning outcomes from YEAR 1 In GRID form!!! (ignore the developmental ones)


ALL QUESTIONS ASKED ON EXAMS ORGANIZED BY YEAR: question-spotting-ib-inc-nov2017

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