Rethinking Milgrim and Obedience

Perhaps the most famous experiment in all of cognitive and social psychology, Stanley Milgrim’s Obedience Research has been replicated in various cultures, times and context.  However his original research is getting looked at in a new light given the opening of his archives at YALE.  Read the article below and we’ll discuss if we should rethink his results or if they’re just as robust as ever.


Stress: Portrait of a Killer


As we watch the National Geographic Documentary, Stress: Portrait of a Killer you must follow along actively using the following note taking guide custom designed JUST FOR YOU!!! Awesome! 

Stress Portrait of a Killer Video Notes

Also, make sure you’re taking in all the above while simultaneously considering the research and corresponding thesis put forth by Kelly Mcgonigal ( regarding mindset and stress.

Below is a Stanford Report article highlighting the main findings of Robert Sapolsky regarding stress’ physiological effects: