Expansionary Theory Explained part 1…

“From Big Bang to Little Swish” Read this article and highlight via Diigo app! This is an intro to expansionary theory–the latest theory regarding the origins of the universe. We’ll delve much deeper into this topic later!  But some important knowledge questions to consider are:

1.  Is a mathematical explanation for the origin of the universe any more valid than a faith based one?

2.  Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented? (Platonism vs. formalism).



Are We Living in a simulation?

Read the NYTimes article below:




This brings up amazing ideas regarding the platonic nature of math, reason and math as a #wok and issues of creation and #cosmology

For further information, listen to Nick Bostrom explain both his Simulation Argument and his Simulation Hypothesis

And below is an interview with Nick Bostrom from the New Yorker that you should read to further your understanding and intrigue your mind: