How Does Emotion Affect Cognition?


Flash Bulb Memories:

One of the effects of emotion on cognition that we’ll study is the phenomena of “Flash Bulb Memories” The idea was first put forth by Brown and Kulik in 1977.  

Download the PDF below to better understand Flash Bulb Memories and research into them. I’ve highlighted key areas of interest as well as written a note or two about some critical thinking ideas to ponder!

FlashBulb Memory Explained

Oh! That’s Interesting!


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So, check out the thought provoking pieces below and choose 1 to read.  After you’ve done so, get in a group with some of your friends and have a quick chat about the thoughts the piece provoked. They’ll read a different piece and the 3 of you will have a lively idea based intellectual discussion prompted by 3 different articles!  Enjoy!


How the Language you speak affects your cognition:

How could you like THAT book?!

Is Love an Emotion?

There is No Such Thing as You:

The Science of the “Happy Cry”