French Revolution Reveiw

Review for French Revolution Exam!!

Jeopardy Questions for French Rev Test: 


The following is a list of terms and concepts that you should know for the exam…what it is and why it is significant. This is NOT a comprehensive list!

Terms:  San colouttes, girondins, the terror, bastille, fuedalism, louis 15, louis 14, louis 16, national assembly, tennis court oath, national convention, first/second/third estates, estate general, monarchy, sealed letters, feudal dues, taxation, famine, continental system, austria, marie antoinette, concordat, declaration of rights of man, robespierre, primary source document, secondary source, symbolism, mob mentality, bastille, utilitarianism, constitution, law of suspects,

The Rise of Napoleon: Savior of Revolution or Modern Day Dictator?

Napoleon’s rise to power mirrors that of many modern day dictators. In order to better understand Napoleon’s rise, i want you to also investigate the former dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarek’s, rise to power (that is not him in the above picture 😉

Download the learning helper below and use that in conjunction with your text to understand Napoleon’s rise to power and contrast it to a modern day dictator’s ascent. 


How Good People Go Bad: Mob Mentality Understood

From soccer riots to halloween vandalism…Ferguson to France–there are too many terrible examples of rioting and mass violence to count!  But as good historians (and intellectuals) we don’t simply say, “oh man, that was an intense riot!” and dismiss or even acknowledge it.  No, we analyze and ask the question, WHY?!


To investigate this, we’ll first learn a bit about social psychology from one of the most famous psychologists in the world, Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University:

Next, download the learning helper below which will take you through additional learning on the subject as well as require you to do some THINKING and ANALYSIS! Enjoy!

Mob Mentality