Understanding the French Revolution via Allegory


An allegory is an extended analogy designed to articulate information. There have been many famous allegories throughout history such as George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a cautionary allegory about the rise of soviet style communism. The Greek philosopher Plato used an allegory to explain his meta-physics via his famous, allegory of the cave.

You are going to create an allegory of the French Revolution! This will galvanize your content knowledge as well has help with your causal and contextual understanding.

Download the Assignment here: Analogy Assignment

Download the assignment rubric here: French Revolution Allegory Assignment Rubric

Click on this text in order to make a copy of the “Questions for our 5th grade friends” document that you’ll need to bring with you on Monday!


Napoleon: Benevolent or Malevolent? Gathering Evidence Via Document Analysis

Based off our last document analysis of Robespierre’s speech to the national assembly legitimizing the terror, it’s clear that we need to increase our Doc Analysis Fluency!

So, download the file below containing the documents to be analyzed as well as the file below containing the questions to be answered.

Napoleon Document analysis activity

Documents for Napoleon Doc Analysis