How Does Emotion Affect Cognition?


Flash Bulb Memories:

One of the effects of emotion on cognition that we’ll study is the phenomena of “Flash Bulb Memories” The idea was first put forth by Brown and Kulik in 1977.  

Download the PDF below to better understand Flash Bulb Memories and research into them. I’ve highlighted key areas of interest as well as written a note or two about some critical thinking ideas to ponder!

FlashBulb Memory Explained

Understanding Socio Cultural Impacts on Cognition

Download the Learning Helper below and use the articles linked below to facilitate your understanding of the ways in which culture can affect our cognition:


University of Michigan research on the perceptual differences of Americans and Japanese:

Research on how language can affect cognition:

Research on how Language affects cognition, but in a contextual sense..great comparison to Nesbitt studies:

Laymen’s Explanation (abstract above):

Thinking in a foreign Language helps economic decision making!!

Cross Cultural Analysis of Happiness!! YAY!