Napoleon: Benevolent or Malevolent? Gathering Evidence Via Document Analysis

Based off our last document analysis of Robespierre’s speech to the national assembly legitimizing the terror, it’s clear that we need to increase our Doc Analysis Fluency!

So, download the file below containing the documents to be analyzed as well as the file below containing the questions to be answered.

Napoleon Document analysis activity

Documents for Napoleon Doc Analysis

The Rise of Napoleon: Savior of Revolution or Modern Day Dictator?

Napoleon’s rise to power mirrors that of many modern day dictators. In order to better understand Napoleon’s rise, i want you to also investigate the former dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarek’s, rise to power (that is not him in the above picture 😉

Download the learning helper below and use that in conjunction with your text to understand Napoleon’s rise to power and contrast it to a modern day dictator’s ascent.