Heidegger and Quantum Mechanics


Most people likely don’t connect Heideggarian philosophy with quantum physics…but you’re going to! 

Watch the trailer for the film, “The Quantum Activist” below. In it, physicist Amit Goswami is discussing implications of quantum scientific concepts.

Your task is to write your Second Journal entry on the following prompt: 

How are Heidegger and Goswami’s ideas related? Discuss the connection between Heideggarian philosophy and quantum physics.

To help you better understand Heidegger, read the NY times column below:



Constructing Meaning: Analyzing Economics and Industrial Farming in the context of Capitalism

Read the following two pieces of stimulus material and then respond to the accompanying questions in your TOK online Journal. 

Read the following re: Economics: 



  1.  What WOKs do economists use to construct knowledge? 
  2. If their knowledge is unreliable, and they use the above WOKs, does that make those aforementioned WOKs unreliable? Why or Why Not?
  3. Do you agree with the author that economics should not have its own nobel prize? why or why not?
  4. In what way does this piece relate to Capitalism as a whole?

Next, read the following on Industrial Farming:


  1.  Do you agree with the author’s contention that industrial farming is, “One of the Worst Crimes in History”?
  2. What WOKs does the author use to construct evidence for his arguments?
  3. How does the article on industrial farming relate to capitalism as a whole? Elaborate and integrate the concept of externalities.