PBL: A research based application: Increasing belonging at school

A sense of belonging among team members is an essential element of success of any organization

Link to activity here!   This activity will require you to create a proposal for our prinipal      and director in which you provide a a research based rationalization and action plan in regard to increasing a sense of belonging among students at our school!

What’s up with that? A PBL investigation in social psychology


When students reflect on psychology, many of them consider behavioral analysis as the primary outcome. We’ve learned that “behavior” in a psychology context can also include thoughts, emotions and other cognition.

However, in Social Psychology, our focus is indeed on observable behavior.

There are so many interesting questions and quirks of humanity that can be investigated from a social psych perspective!

Task: Your task is to brainstorm interesting/shocking/confusing/amazing aspects of behavior and then formulate a driving question to guide your  research! You should engage in this process similar to the process you engage in to create your TOK presentation; beginning from a Real Life Situation.

Finally, you and your partner will then create a video that you’ll post to youtube or youku that answers your question!

The Assignment, with assessment rubrics, is linked here: social-psychology-pbl