Understanding the French Revolution via Allegory


An allegory is an extended analogy designed to articulate information. There have been many famous allegories throughout history such as George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a cautionary allegory about the rise of soviet style communism. The Greek philosopher Plato used an allegory to explain his meta-physics via his famous, allegory of the cave.

You are going to create an allegory of the French Revolution! This will galvanize your content knowledge as well has help with your causal and contextual understanding.

Download the Assignment here: Analogy Assignment

Download the assignment rubric here: French Revolution Allegory Assignment Rubric

Is This how fascism comes to America?


No Way! We’re WAY too educated and enlightened for that right?! Plus, america is a democracy, that could never happen in a democracy…..

Not so fast…read the beautifully historic piece written by Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institute in the Washington Post below: 


When finished, reflect on the following questions:

  1. Are the historical based arguments Kagan uses valid? Why or why not?
  2. Can you think of other historical arguments that would be appropriate that Kagan left out?
  3. What are some important distinguishing factors that Kagan left out of his historical examples?
  4. Do you agree with his thesis?



World History Final Project


Analyze how Individuals Create and Change Culture, Authority, or Governance

For your final project, you and your group will have to create a mini museum exhibit that answers the above question. Please see link below on how exactly you’ll execute that task as well as what is required: 

World History Final Project[1]

Link to Possible People: 


Note Taking Form (required) 


The Red Scare and Fear as Control


Fear is indeed a tool of political control.  The question is the degree to which the marketing of fear and subsequent exploitation is purposeful.

There are some very famous examples of purposeful exploitation of fear for political control and personal gain.  I’m sure Hitler comes to mind, as he should. However after this learning activity, two more should come to mind.

Download and complete the learning helper below and be ready to discuss at length next class!

Red Scare and Fear as Control

Is Moral War Possible?


IS morality in war an oxymoron?  Answer this. Now think back, was there a time when war was practiced within the confines of moral laws of engagement? Was there a time when war was total and absolute?  Where does the world stand today in opinion regarding this question? Where do you stand? 

We’ll watch hitler’s speech to Germany rationalizing his use of total warfare against England: 

We’ll then read about the brilliant American Author Kurt Vonnegut’s experiences in WW2 with the fire bombing of Dresdan:

Resource #1: 


Resource #2: 


We’ll discuss the above and then view similar practice from a different perspective via former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s WW2 experience in the Pacific realm via the award winning documentary Fog of War. 

When finished with our learnings, we’ll self reflect via the following learning helper: 

Morality in War?

French Revolution Reveiw

Review for French Revolution Exam!!

Jeopardy Questions for French Rev Test: 


The following is a list of terms and concepts that you should know for the exam…what it is and why it is significant. This is NOT a comprehensive list!

Terms:  San colouttes, girondins, the terror, bastille, fuedalism, louis 15, louis 14, louis 16, national assembly, tennis court oath, national convention, first/second/third estates, estate general, monarchy, sealed letters, feudal dues, taxation, famine, continental system, austria, marie antoinette, concordat, declaration of rights of man, robespierre, primary source document, secondary source, symbolism, mob mentality, bastille, utilitarianism, constitution, law of suspects,