If Hitler Asked you to Electrocute someone would you?


This was the question driving Stanley Milgrim as he sat down in his office at Yale in the early 1960s.

Milgrim would go on to develop and carry out the most famous series of social psychology experiments in the history of the discipline.

Read about Milgrim’s experiments below and be prepared to have a conversation about them next class! We’ll watch Zimbardo’s TED talk on the Lucifer Effect as well for triangulation.

If Hitler Asked you to electrocute-Milgrim explained



Philip Zimbardo of Stanford on the Lucifer Effect: 

How Good People Go Bad: Mob Mentality Understood

From soccer riots to halloween vandalism…Ferguson to France–there are too many terrible examples of rioting and mass violence to count!  But as good historians (and intellectuals) we don’t simply say, “oh man, that was an intense riot!” and dismiss or even acknowledge it.  No, we analyze and ask the question, WHY?!


To investigate this, we’ll first learn a bit about social psychology from one of the most famous psychologists in the world, Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University:

Next, download the learning helper below which will take you through additional learning on the subject as well as require you to do some THINKING and ANALYSIS! Enjoy!

Mob Mentality