The Essay



Writing the TOK Essay can be very intimidating! BUT–IT doesn’t have to be! The key is to break down the title prompt into understandable pieces, and then create a plan of attack to address those compartmentalized pieces!  Also, like all good writing, the key is treating it as a process, and not a one off! The following Linked documents will aide you in your Essay Journey!

2019 TOK Essay Titles: 2019 TOK Prescribed Titles

Unpacking the 2019 Essay Titles Activity:  unpacking-the-tok-essay-2019

Link to Class Generated Resources: HERE

Link to Class google doc with KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS: HERE

Essay Planning form that illustrates a great format/approach: Essay Planning Form


Essay Mistakes and How to Avoid and examiner feedback from 2015: 2015-tok-essay-examiners-notes

TOK-Essay-How-to-–For What It’s Worth!

Shared v personal knowledge — A definition. MUST Read if essay involves these ideas!

TOK ESSAY RUBRIC: TOKEssayAssessmentinstrument

Exemplar Essays: PDFs Linked Below:

A recent TOK essay that scored a 6/10: Sample Essay A-6


2017 Exemplar Essay: 8/10: ‘A’ : Essay Examplar

A recent Exemplar: 9/10: TOK Essay Sample #1 Hitchens9points

TOK Essay Form: ALL Students Need to Fill Out

TOK Essay Form for Students to fill out

TOK Essay Self / Peer Evaluation activity:   


 AIS Curve Used for Assessing the Essay: 

  1. Level 5: “Excellent” 9-10….94-100%
  2. Level 4: “Very Good” 7-8…90-93%
  3. Level 3: “Satisfactory” 5-6….85-89%
  4. Level 2: “Basic” 3-4….79-84%
  5. Level 1: “Elementary” 1-2…below 78%