TOK Exhibition



The TOK Exhibition can be intimidating due to it’s open structure, however that is the beauty of it; it is designed to allow you to show up all your insightful application of TOK concepts and analysis! 

Additional Resources: 


**Some Class Docs**

Survey Re: Which Prompt Your Exhibition is Addressing 

Exhibition Handout

Object Sign Up 

 AIS Curve Used for Assessing the Essay and Presentation: 

    1. Level 5: “Excellent” 8,9,10….93, 96 and 100%
    1. Level 4: “Very Good” 6-7…88% and 91%
    1. Level 3: “Satisfactory” 4-5….81% and 85% 
    1. Level 2: “Basic” 3-2….71% and 77%
  1. Level 1: “Elementary” 1-2…below 70%

Presentation Schedule Sign Up!: HERE

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