TOK Presentation

Let’s stop the boring presentations!

The Tok Presentation can be intimidating to some students due to its philosophical nature as well as the fact that it is a presentation! 

No need to worry!  Thanks to the resources below, as well as our conversations, feedback and work in class; you’re all going to dominate the TOK Presentation!

Class Created Knowledge Questions

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your presentation is formulating an excellent KNOWLEDGE QUESTION. SO.  To help you do that; utilize the resource linked below: 

TOK Understanding Knowledge Issues

Additional Resources: 

Required Documents to fill out:

Period 6 TOK Class Planning Document
Period 3 TOK Class Planning Document

 AIS Curve Used for Assessing the Essay and Presentation: 

    1. Level 5: “Excellent” 9-10….93-100%
    1. Level 4: “Very Good” 7-8…88-92%
    1. Level 3: “Satisfactory” 5-6….82-87%
    1. Level 2: “Basic” 3-4….70-81
  1. Level 1: “Elementary” 1-2…below 70%

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