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Knowledge Framework

ToK Syllabus

TOK Assessment Rubrics

TOK Course GUIDE NEW :  Great resource for knowledge ?s !!!!!

Grendel Chapter 1

Grendel Chapter 2 

Grendel Chapter 3 

Grendel Chapter 4

Chapter 5 The Dragon

Link to Shared AIS TOK Site

TOK Assessment Categories

Questioning (30%): Students are able to identify knowledge claims as well as counter-claims. Students are also able to construct Knowledge Questions that are both level 1 and level 2 in nature.

Argumentation (60%): Students are able to support arguments, claims, counter-claims, contentions and knowledge questions with sound argumentation. Sound argumentation includes but is not limited to:

  • Use of appropriate evidence wedded to specific examples
  • Logical reasoning
  • Lucid writing

Independent Response + Engagement  (10%): Students are consistently engaged as demonstrated by completed course work and activities. Additionally, students are productive and frequent contributors during class discussions. Their comments serve to move discussions forward and add value. Independent response refers to the uniqueness of ideas and insight. Students who demonstrate a high level of independent response come up with ideas that are creative and unique in nature and yet build on the insights of others.


Journal Writing Rubric!

Excellent Good Needs Improvement
Advice and Guidelines An excellent journal incorporates TOK vocabulary in a useful and insightful way while addressing multiple perspectives in a lucid, insightful and compelling manner and acknowledges the implications of the analysis. A good, but not excellent, journal includes some TOK vocabulary however not enough to be fully accomplished. There is insightful analysis but only one perspective is addressed. Alternatively, multiple perspectives are addressed but lacking in depth. A journal that needs improvement lacks TOK vocabulary or the TOK language included is used erroneously. Additionally, the analysis lacks depth and insight resulting in a superficial response.
Descriptors Accomplished, lucid, compelling, insightful, discerning Thoughtful, organized, credible Superficial, derivative, mainstream,

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